Karma Wars - OrangeRed Vs Periwinkle

Chapter 3 - Midnight Marsh impass

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"There will be blood Motherfuckers."
General John Mac Cookie

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Super clear rules for dummys here : 1 2 3

Look at the super clear rules before reading below.

The first round will start at midnight eastern time and and go til 8 am. Each side will post as many soldier pictures as they want. There are two rules:
Your picture must depict your faction in some way Your link must have a tag that reads as follows (ex) :
[PERIWINKLE CAVALRY] and whatever you want to yell.
You must distinguish infantry, range, or cavalry. Your faction can post as many pictures as you want. If your picture is a charging tank and you post it as infantry, it's null and void. The top posts between each side will be compared at 8 am.
The scoring is as follows:
Infantry > cavalry
Cavalry > range
Range > infantry
It's like rock paper scissors. Who's ever is better out of the highest wins that round. The only exception is if your side has 8 posts higher than the highest opposing faction, but two posts by the same user will not count.
Round two starts at 8 am and will be the same format. The score will be marked in the side bar and all earlier posts will be deleted.
Round three is tie breaker. You must only post text, and it has to be a glorious rally speech. Who ever has the highest up votes wins. We will discuss governors and diplomats after the battle.
Whoever wins owns and and will get to add their own art to it. We will figure everything else out as we go.

Join a team : OrangeRed / Periwinkle

Karma Wars is an epic battle taking place on Reddit! This unofficial game is a continuation of the Field of Karmic Glory, but is not endorsed by the Reddit staff."